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Mikeland's Mega Mix

Mikeland’s MegaMix® is a proprietary mixture of all natural ingredients designed to maximize the reproductive performance of stud males and lactating females. Proper nutrition is an essential factor for the reproductive performance of males and females intended for breeding use and can ultimately determine the overall success of a breeding program. Inadequate nutrition is one of the primary causes of reproductive failure or insufficiencies and can have a detrimental impact on any breeding operation. Mikeland’s MegaMix has been formulated and tested specifically to address these issues and has had a remarkable impact on the success of the Mikeland Bloodline.

Males: The mega mix formulation has been optimized to provide essential nutrients in the proper proportions that will enhance breeding performance and overall nutritional status of breeding males. Sperm production is a demanding process in the stud dog, particularly those used for frequent breeding service.  Sperm production is a constant process, which takes about 60days from start to finish in male dogs. Sperm production and viability should be a primary consideration when choosing a stud dog to use. Males who breed frequently have to make more sperm and thus have an increased demand for essential nutrients to maintain healthy, viable sperm. Maintaining a proper level of nutrition complete with essential nutrients is one key in maintaining stud dog health and performance over time. Mikeland’s MegaMix has been shown to increase sperm viability, sperm integrity, and sperm count in breeding males by providing essential nutrients in a convenient powdered supplement that can be sprinkled on food daily or given directly to finicky eaters.

Females: Physiologically, Lactation is one of the most demanding and stressful periods for breeding females. During peak lactation, the females energy and nutrient needs can reach 3 to 4 times her normal intake levels and these needs are often not met with commercial pet foods alone. Often times the mother simply cant eat enough to meet her nutrient demands and this leads to excessive weight loss, decreased mil quality, and general stress on the female and/or puppies. MegaMix has been shown to enhance mammary function and boost milk production to support the bitch during the critical lactation period, which is absolutely necessary for raising strong, healthy puppies.  MegaMix is an essential product for any breeder to have on-hand and is sure to pay for itself again and again as you enjoy the benefits of improved reproductive performance and overall efficiency in your breeding operation.

Puppies: Newborn and growing puppies have a very high nutrient demand necessary to maintain and promote proper growth and development. Mikeland’s Megamix can provide additional nutrients to supplement mom’s milk and/or puppy foods, which will help give growing puppies a head start on reaching their full potential. MegaMix can easily be sprinkled on puppy food during the weaning and post-weaning phase to aid in the transition to solid food and provide a high level of nutrition on into the adolescent stage. 

Mikeland's MegaMix

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